three-xEmployer data entry is now a thing of the past.  Use our paperless online system where an applicant receives an email initiated by the employer with a user name and password that takes the applicant to a secure online form where the applicant imputes his or her own data.  This not only relieves an employer from tedious data entry, but also provides a workaround on the thorny issue of employers possessing date of birth and a Social Security number too soon in the process.  At least one State, Utah, has passed legislation prohibiting employers from having personal information such as date of birth and Social Security number until there has been a job offer, or a background check is requested.

AppScreen is a highly customizable invitation system with built in compliance measures in which your applicants provide all of the necessary data for their background check. The applicant data entry process uses the same simple to use order entry process used by our clients to assure the proper information is collected correctly the first time.  Applicants digitally sign separate disclosures and authorization forms and certify that all information entered into the system is true and correct.  Applicant is also provided with any applicable state required consumer notices prior to ordering their background check.  Copies of the disclosure, authorization and certification are all saved in the applicant’s file and retrievable at any time.

The invitation system can be customized to your exact screening requirements. Customization can be created based off of region or position or both.

Configurable options include:

  • Multiple invitations to cover all different levels of background checks and custom designed packages.
  • Data collection can be tailored to a package search, individual services or a combination of both.
  • Option to have the Applicant pay for the background check with their credit card.
  • Instant or delayed processing of Background Check so that your staff can verify accuracy of information entered by the applicant prior to ordering the background check.

Please contact our client support for more information on how AppScreen can benefit your office at (800) 760-4336.